Vision Edition 44

Posted on: 10 Jan 2014
Vision Edition 44


Well, at least it's Friday!

It's been a interesting week.

It transpires I quite like being at home for weeks on end. However, back at the coalface with the team is also very exciting. We have kicked of with some good quality cars already consigned and plenty on the 'radar'. The Historics offices are currently being transformed into something Google HQ would be impressed with, we may even have a Yoga ball in the corner for our 'blue-sky' meetings. This coming year there are plenty of car shows  and auctions we hope to see you all at. Following on from the successful motorcycle auction last summer, we plan to build on our success and your enthusiasm for this event by having another this June. Please call as soon as possible if you wish to enter an item as space is limited!! The March 8th sale is fast approaching and the deadline for this sale is less than five weeks away. For those who can consign early we have some space on our magazine advertising (at no cost to you) for good quality cars.

Speak soon I hope.

Drive carefully,

Edward Bridger-Stille 

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