Christmas Newsletter 2013

Posted on: 20 Dec 2013
Christmas Newsletter 2013

As the last of the cars are being collected from the Mercedes-Benz World sale and the office resumes its usual level of activity, I have a moment to reflect on the past year.
It would appear that the internet (surprise, surprise) is our strongest asset as we continue to double our year-on-year website traffic with over 3.25 million page views during 2013 and during the last sale, 12,600 unique visits and nearly a quarter of a million page views.
Our database continues to rise with an impressive trajectory showing 55% of all website visits as brand new.
In layman's terms, things are looking rosy.
Our next sale on the 8th March is already shaping up nicely with a fair number already consigned. These will benefit from early publicity so do please take advantage of that if you can.
The weather forecast for the next of couple weeks is not so good, so wrap up warm, enjoy your Christmas break and see you all next year.
Drive carefully,
Edward Bridger-Stille 

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